Water and Sewage

Results of Analyses of Water and Wastewater

Information Quality Of Water Intended For Human Consumption

For the quality control of water intended for human consumption are carried out regular analyses to an independent certified laboratory. The minimum frequency of sampling and analyses for monitoring the compliance of the configuration (microbiological, chemical, indicative) being monitored, arise on the basis of the applicable law and depend on the volume of water distributed or produced each day within a supply zone which belongs to the sampling point.

The analyses published on the official website of the HELLENIC and monitored by the Ministry of Health. The link below lists the results of the measurements of water per sampling point. Select Agency DEYA Peninsula and μετακυλήστε the map to find the desired area: Analysis of water


Results Of Analyses Of Waste Water Treatment

For the quality control of wastewater treatment of E.E.L. (Wastewater Treatment plants) of the D.E.Y.A Peninsula, samples are taken at intervals specified by the applicable provisions for monitoring, microbiological and physico-chemical analyses.

These analyses and the odds of units published in the National Database of Wastewater Treatment Plants, on the official website of the Special Secretariat for Water of the Ministry of the Environment. Μετακυλήστε the map to locate the Facilities for Biological Cleaning of the Municipality of Hersonissos and see the details in the link below: Wastewater analysis