The Municipal Enterprise Of Water Supply And Sewerage Peninsula (D. E. Y. A. X.) with administrative headquarters facility of the Biological Malia of the Municipal Section of Malia of the Municipality of Hersonissos, in its current form has been derived: 

  • from the merger of the old D.E.Y.A. Malia with the old D.E.Y.A. Peninsula (F.E.K. 812/10-05-2011/issue (B)
  • the extension to the Municipal Units of Gouves & Episkopi (F.E.K.1030/04-04-2012/issue (B) where the water supply – sanitation served the old Municipality of Gouves, the old City of the Diocese, and the Association of former Communities of the Diocese, Ανωπόλεως, Upper and Lower Vathia.

The Municipal Water and Sewerage Company is a Legal Person governed by Private Law with non-profit, non-profit and shall be governed as to the administration, organization, execution, operation and maintenance of the projects within its jurisdiction, as well as its sources of funding from the provisions of law. 1069/1980 "on incentives for the creation of enterprises of water supply and sewerage". For all other issues, apply the provisions of law. 3463/2006 "Ratification of the Code of Municipalities and Communities", in the N. 3852/2010  and the rules of the private economy (article 1 para. 1 of n. 1069/1980). The company is managed by a Board of directors consisting of eleven members.

The capital of the Company, which amounted to the sum of 5.571.549,71 €, came from fortune, which contributed to the Municipalities of Hersonissos and Malia during the establishment of the merging firms

With the establishment of this and in accordance with the provisions of law. 1069/1980, created a body with administrative  and economic independence and flexibility, which is fundamentally, methodically and long-term all of the water and sewerage system in the area of competence, with the use and operation of the relevant water supply and sanitation projects and ensures the financing of these projects by European and National funds, the Public Investment Programme, from lending, as well as from its own resources, as set out in favour of the Company from the n. 1069/1980 (no. 1, par. 2. 1069/1980).

 Purpose − Exploitation

The purpose of Business is the exercise of any nature activity circuit water supply and sanitation in the area of the Municipality of Hersonissos and more specifically:

(a) the production, management and distribution to consumers of the product/item is called the 'water intended for human consumption", as defined in the applicable legislation, 

(b) the collection, transport, treatment of urban waste water from the consumers of the Municipality of Hersonissos and the production of treated wastewater suitable for safe disposal to the environment", as defined in the applicable legislation, in most cases, it is available free of charge and for irrigation of olive trees.

(c) the design, construction, maintenance, operation, administration and operation  projects, water intake, projects, water treatment, transportation networks, water distribution networks, water supply networks, sewerage wastewater and storm water, treatment plants of urban waste water, networks, disposal of treated wastewater, as well as similar with the activity of the units, such as saving systems and energy production for own-consumption, system intelligent control and management facilities of water supply and sanitation, and more. 

Sources Of Revenue

In accordance with article 1 of the law 1069/1980 on charitable and non-profit character of DEYA, as well as the provisions of the Decision of the National Commission of Water, JMD 135275/19.05.2017 (government GAZETTE B|1751/22-05-2017), "Adoption of general rules costing and pricing of water services. Method and procedures for the recovery of costs of water services to the various uses of", the resources of the company are derived exclusively:

  • from the mandatory recovery of costs of water services and sanitation, through the planned end of water supply and sanitation
  • the financing of investment projects of water supply and sewerage through the participation of the company in programmes co-financed by the  The european Union as well as  National Resources of the Country through the Public Investment Program

Today, the DEYA Peninsula manages approximately 18.500 water meters water through which it served 27.229 permanent residents, according to the census ELSTAT 2021, which, however, will need to be added and the visitors – tourists staying in tourist accommodation establishments in the region during the summer period. and who elevate the real population of over 53.000 residents.

Personal business

 The composition of the staff has to date, as follows: